Media Partner will provide the following services to 3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg:

  • Publishing information about conference on its official website and in all media support sections of the website;
  • Animated banner on the home page with a hyperlink to 3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg, website;
  • Inclusion of 3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg event in the media portal’s Calendar of Events (if any);
  • Mailing the information about the conference to its own media partners and subscribers;
  • Publishing the final full-size material in its media pages after closing of 3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg.

3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg will provide the following services to Media Partner:

  • Placement of the Partner’s logo in the conference media coverage (*.ai, *.eps, *.cdr);
  • Attachment of POS materials to the package of participants (materials produced and delivered by the Partner not later than 5 calendar days before the event);
  • Entitlement for 2 representatives of the Partner to attend  3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg.

All the conditions can be discussed.

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