3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg: results and impressions

On 5 June 2015 St. Petersburg for the first time hosted conference dedicated to prospects of 3D printing and scanning technology application in various industries - 3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg. Thematic meeting brought together experts, scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs working in this field to address all questions related to 3D printing industry.

Domestic and foreign experts, successfully applying possibilities of 3D printing met in the conference hall of Ambassador Hotel to tell guests of the meeting about use of innovations in various fields such as foundry, design, architecture, engineering, jeweler's art, museology, domestic life and even to tell how to establish profitable business using such innovations. According to the registration committee, over 300 people attended Conference in St. Petersburg.

"Many thanks to the organizers of this conference. Creating such event in St. Petersburg, even on a small scale, but of remarkable quality and with pleasant audience is true art. We look forward to visiting new events and are now preparing for the next event organized by Smile Expo - 3D Print Expo in Moscow", Alla Aspidova, representative of Consistent Software Distribution said.

"I liked the Conference very much: succinct and informative reports, great demo zone, lots of interesting equipment and participants; therefore I think that everybody interested in this field should attend such events. In October, we will traditionally, for the third time, come to the largest Moscow exhibition," Vasiliy Kiselev, CEO of Top 3D Shop, commented.


During the day 3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg presented reports of such experts:

Vasiliy Kiselev – CEO of Top 3D Shop, “3D printing: mass media trends and reality”;

Alla Aspidova – head of 3D Department of Division of sales and hardware technical support of Consistent Software Distribution, “3D technology in foundry industry”;

Sergey Pushkin - the owner of 3D TODAY, lightning talk: “Information technology in 3D printing”;

Andrew Isupov - CEO of PICASO 3D, “3D printing: from design to engineering”;

Nikita Slavin – CEO of Kon-Tiki, “Three-dimensional scanning for museums”;

Igor Krimskiy – CTO of Cybercom Ltd, “Success Story: medicine, engineering, jewelry”;

Ilya Vinogradov - CEO of 3D Vision, “Casting in silicone molds and 3D printing”;

Eugene Malahovskiy - 3D printing evangelist, expert, lightning talk: “Why do you need 3D printer at home?”;

Alexey Kalachev - co-owner of Be in 3D, lightning talk: “Market of 3D figures: from idea to business”;

Eugeniy Belosludtsev - CEO of 3dexperts, “Development of customized 3D printers for industrial enterprises”;

Andrey Gribovskiy – Director of Industrial design and prototyping center ITMO (Information technologies, mechanics and optics), lightning talk: “Progress of additive technology in higher educational institutions”;

Nikita Mohirev - 3D/UI/UX Designer 3DPrinterOS (USA), “3D modeling or "Army of dusks is preparing to enslave the world"

The program of 3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg offered a variety of formats and was rather informative - in addition to presentations and reports of experts and demonstrations of specialized 3D equipment in demo zone, conference organizers in cooperation with TOP 3D Shop held four professional master classes, revealing the capabilities of 3D printing and 3D scanning in practice.

During this time, visitors of interactive master classes learned everything  about types of 3D printing and models of 3D printers, about software for 3D equipment, about 3D scanning technology, as well about many secrets of 3D printing. In particular, experts reviewed 3D printers and software for MakerBot and Picaso 3D, examined various types of scanners (Artec, David, Sense), and also told about secret banks of 3D models and "mysteries" of stable 3D printing.

Also much attention of visitors was attracted by demo zone – its exposure pleased attendees with new equipment and the best models in the market. Everyone could get acquainted with debut Russian chocolate 3D printer from MakeItLab (Ekaterinburg) and see the world's first national Bashkir costume made with the help of 3D printing (Ufa). Exhibition booth of Print Product also presented interesting solution - a high-quality 3D printed layout of the building with LED lights.

In general the following companies have presented their products and services in demo zone: Top 3D Shop, Consistent Software Distribution, REC, 3D Printech, Picaso 3D, Be in 3D!, Print Product, 3D Experts and MakeItLab.

"Of course, demo zone at the conference was much smaller than the one of Moscow 3D Print Expo, but surprisingly there were many people. Mostly people come to discuss specific issues, so we have established a lot of business contacts today. And if earlier such events were often attended by some surprised people, who did not fully understand the essence of this innovation,  today our potential customers already know how 3D printer works, and are interested in its capabilities," Andrey Baral, spokesman of 3D Printech said.

Smile Expo expresses special thanks to Silver Sponsor of the Conference - Top 3D Shop. The company is one of the largest suppliers of 3D equipment in the CIS. Today Top 3D Shop is official dealer of over 10 manufacturers of equipment for 3D industry, including: MakerBot Ind., 3D Systems (Cubify), PP3DP, Picaso 3D, LeapFrog, DAVID Vision Systems, Artec group, Roland, MiniUV flex.

"This year conference was held in St. Petersburg for the first time, therefore, the city on the Neva became the fifth location in the series of 3D Print Expo events.

Before making a decision to hold conference in St. Petersburg, we conducted a survey among the visitors and participating companies on: "In what city would you like to visit 3D Print event?". It turned out that St. Petersburg was the choice of the majority of respondents. Therefore, we organized the conference and master classes, and made a small demonstration zone here.

We are pleased that the three-dimensional printing technology is developing and we always have something to show at each and every location. It was very harmonious; however, we did not expect that the demand is so great. Therefore, we will take into account all the nuances of the meeting while preparing for the second 3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg", - Alla Vavilova, curator of 3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg said.

Summing up the conference, Smile Expo traditionally thanks everyone who has been part of this event and contributed to the development of Russian 3D printing industry.

We can surely say that we are ready for new challenges next year!