On June 5, 3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg was for the first time held in St. Petersburg, which became the fifth city on the map of 3D events from Smile-Expo.

Naturally, three-dimensional technology develops and new printers, scanners and consumables are created. And we try to show it all at our exhibitions and conferences.
Our team is pleased that the activities of 3D Print series are of educational and business nature and having attended these events one can understand what 3D printing is, what it is for and how can one apply this technology.
See you at the future 3D Print Expo events, which will take place very soon!

Alla Vavilova, 3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg coordinator

Alla Aspidova
Representative of Consistent Software Distribution

"Many thanks to the organizers of this conference. Creating such event in St. Petersburg, even on a small scale, but of remarkable quality and with pleasant audience is true art. We look forward to visiting new events and are now preparing for the next event organized by Smile Expo - 3D Print Expo in Moscow." 

Vasiliy Kiselev
CEO Top 3D Shop

"I liked the Conference very much: succinct and informative reports, great demo zone, lots of interesting equipment and participants; therefore I think that everybody interested in this field should attend such events. In October, we will traditionally, for the third time, come to the largest Moscow exhibition."

Andrey Baral
Representative of 3D Printech

"Of course, demo zone at the conference was much smaller than the one of Moscow 3D Print Expo, but surprisingly there were many people. Mostly people come to discuss specific issues, so we have established a lot of business contacts today. And if earlier such events were often attended by some surprised people, who did not fully understand the essence of this innovation,  today our potential customers already know how 3D printer works, and are interested in its capabilities."

Andrew Isupov
CEO Picaso 3D

"This conference is really worthy of high praise. A lot of interested people who are pleasant to communicate with, professionals in 3D printing and lots of useful contacts. Without a doubt,  we will participate in big exhibition in Moscow".

Eugene Belosludtsev
CEO 3D Experts

"The conference was held at high level. I am pleasantly surprised – I thought it would be boring (so often the case), but it turned out very interesting. I personally talked to several speakers, and we agreed to continue our dialogue in the future. "

Igor Krimskiy
CTO Cybercom

"It was quite interesting and a lot of people attended. I was pleased with crowded conference hall during my speech. I think a lot of people need to know what we are talking about here".

Sergey Pushkin
CEO 3DToday

"I am very pleased that finally, this conference was held in St. Petersburg. There are a lot of interested people here, as the technology is rapidly popularized. There are a lot of visitors here who are interested in 3D printing technology as a business, and a lot of companies that speak about it. So the interests of both sides were taken into account".