3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg brings together the best Russian experts

3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg brings together the best Russian experts

On June 5, 2015 St. Petersburg will for the first time host conference on advanced three-dimensional printing and scanning technology - 3D Print Conference. Saint Petersburg. Themed event will bring together experts, scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs of 3D technology from Russia and other countries to discuss and demonstrate the capabilities of 3D printing technology and ways of its integration into various spheres.

Tatiana Shagova - director of marketing department of Picaso 3D (Russia), the first Russian manufacturer of 3D printers, will speak at the conference.

At the conference Tatiana will report on "3D printing: from design to engineering".

At the moment, 3D printing and scanning technology is widely used in mechanical engineering. Creating digital model and then developing finished product offers almost limitless opportunities for the industry. Using different printing technologies and materials, one can obtain exactly the product that is necessary, for example, a model made of plastic or metal powder.

As printers of Picaso 3D are used in mechanical engineering, it will be interesting for the conference audience to hear from company representatives about all the features of technology application in the industry.

We remind: In addition speakers’ reports, the program of 3D Print Conference. Saint Petersburg will offer master classes where all participants will have an opportunity to clearly see how 3D technology works, and a round table to discuss the most important topics.

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