3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg: reliable consumables for 3D printing from REC

3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg: reliable consumables for 3D printing from REC

A critical component of any successful production is materials. Similarly, as experts assess a suit due to its backing cloth, 3D printing quality largely depends on the plastic material of a model.

Some companies neglect consumables, whereas they determine the success of the project. After all, the extruder's serviceability and model's homogeneity directly depend on the high-quality plastic (working nozzle of 3D printers).

For example, a thread having absorbed a small amount of moisture (0.2-0.4% of liquid against its own weight) may lead to deformation of the 3D model due to the evaporation of the liquid during printing and spraying of the molten plastic on the working surface.

At 3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg we strive to present our guests only high quality products made taking into account all rules and regulations of three-dimensional printing. Therefore, REC, a company that directly influents the success of 3D printing, will be one of the event participants.

REC produces and sells consumables for 3D printers operating on FDM technology and knows all the peculiarities of material properties.

It should be noted that the company is a regular participant of 3D Print Expo exhibitions and we have repeatedly heard the positive feedback on it from the participants of our events. Therefore, we have invited it with pleasure to participate in our conference.

During 3D Print St. Petersburg, the REC representatives will acquaint the participants with the following kinds of materials:

  1. PLA-plastic (polylactide) is a biologically clean and 100 percent biodegradable polymer. It is perfect for printing of complex and highly detailed objects using 3D printer without a heated table and closed chamber.
  2. ABS-plastic is an engineering plastic of high-strength. It is suitable for printing of functional parts, components and mechanisms.
  3. HIPS-plastic is a high-impact polystyrene. Due to its properties, it is completely dissolved in D-limonene and suitable for printing of complex products.
  4. FLEX-plastic is a flexible polymer. It allows to realize the need for unique rubber products, gaskets, seals and so on. It is perfect for printing flexible elements of different designs.
  5. Plastic for 3D-pen. 

​REC RUBBER - rubbery plastic. Suitable to print gaskets, sealers, shock absorbers and other complex rubber technical products.

Do not miss an opportunity to experiment with materials for 3D printing and to find a reliable supplier for your business.

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