A chocolate 3D printer at 3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg

A chocolate 3D printer at 3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg

Whatever one may say about the 3D printing technology, it goes far beyond trivial plastic figures. The concept of 3D printing allows you to print objects practically from any material: ranging from iron alloys to skin tissue for organs. Accordingly, the scope of the technology application is almost unlimited and depends only on the imagination and entrepreneurial instinct of the developer.

One of such promising and at the same time tasty directions in 3D printing is the confectionery industry. What used to be manually drawn by a pastry chef can be now made with a help of 3D printer in the office.

At 3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg you will see a confectionary machine - a chocolate printer developed by the Russian team MakeItlab.ru.

For the first time the company presented its development a year ago, in February 2014 at the exhibition 3D Print Expo, where it made a real sensation both among visitors of the event and 3D technology manufacturers.

The idea of creating such a printer hung in the air for a long time, but due to some technical difficulties, it was impossible to manufacture a working model baking beautiful chocolate products.

Difficulties primarily included the material specificity. The chocolate freezes literally in minutes. If during the work of a 3D printer there is a drop in temperature by 2-3 degrees, the chocolate crystallizes and the entire system requires cleaning.

Throughout the year, the guys from Yekaterinburg were improving their creation to present the guests of 3D Print. St. Petersburg conference a chocolate 3D printer ready for commercial use.

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