Eugeniy Belosludtsev: creation of 3D printers for industrial enterprises

Eugeniy Belosludtsev: creation of 3D printers for industrial enterprises

Belosludtsev Evgeniy is CEO of 3D Experts. He is one of the few people in Russia, who develops 3 printing technology in industrial field. Unlike many home 3D printers with capabilities limited by a single material, industrial models allow producing virtually unlimited number of products. Moreover, they significantly reduce the expenses for raw materials, and number of employees.

At 3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg Speaker will deliver a report on "Development of 3D printers for industrial enterprises", that without any doubt will be useful for representatives of companies interested in full implementation of 3D printing technology in company.

The speaker has unique experience in design of printers using special materials for specific tasks. Among his successful projects:

  • Making special custom extruder for paramilitary plant to generate a magnetic sputtering.
  • Work with ceramic granulate for use in dentistry.
  • Production of extruder to print with special medical PLA for use in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

In addition to specialized of 3D printers for industrial use, Eugeniy and his team were the first in Russia to launch full-scale production of sets for self-assembly of 3D printers.

For the convenience of customers employees of 3D Experts have developed and constantly maintain Russian-language knowledge data base - currently it is the only comprehensive source of information in RuNet. The company has also created a comprehensive photo manual for 3D printer assembly.

Engineers of 3D Experts are constantly experimenting, perfecting individual units and increase the printing characteristics of printers. At 3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg Eugeniy will in detail tell about new developments of the company and opportunities for cooperation.

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