Introducing Kayan, an exclusive 3D printed lamp shade for Plumen

Introducing Kayan, an exclusive 3D printed lamp shade for Plumen

Thanks to several interesting designer projects, such as this 3D printed mood lamp, we’ve already known for a while that 3D printers can definitely be used to make interesting and original lamp shades in all shapes and sizes. But of course, all of those are one-off products that can’t be easily recreated. Fortunately, thanks to a collaboration of British lamp manufacturers Plumen and Italian 3D design and printing start up Formaliz3d, 3D printed lamp shades are no actually being made for mainstream consumption too.

Last week, the two companies together unveiled their Kayan lamp shades, a brand new 3D printed product that could be the first commercial version of its kind. It has been specifically designed to fit the smaller Plumen environmentally-friendly lightbulbs, while also featuring a gorgeous and futuristic design.


As the two companies revealed on the Plumen website, the Kayan shade was designed by the three masterminds behind Formaliz3d: Matteo Meraldi, Simone Colombo and Dario Sartori. Having studied together at university, the three founded Formaliz3d soon afterwards. They specialize in using 3D printing to design and produce lamps, furnishings and other accessories for the fashion industry.

Having previously had some success with interesting lamp shades called Rumble, they were contacted by Plumen to design a new range of shades. ‘We instantly loved what we saw and approached the Milan-based brand about a possible partnership,’ Plumen writes. ‘Within just a few days of contacting Formaliz3d, we received printed design concepts at our studio that we could test and sample with Plumen bulbs. After a couple of rounds of changes The Rumbles had a new cousin and the Baby Plumen 001 and Plumen 002 a new inspiring playmate.’

As you can see above, the Kayan features an elegant and intricate shape that can only be made ith a 3D printer. Plumen feels that this designer shape perfectly complements its own bulbs as well. ‘The Kayan epitomises the Rumbles range with its simple elegant shape and punctured edges which produce not only a stylish lamp but also a visually stunning lighting effect,’ they write. ‘We love the idea of 3D printing and the prospects it gives us as a design brand to create a truly individual product as well as giving us the chance to work with innovative design brands like Formaliz3d.’

While products like these are usually one-off projects that disappear soon afterwards, Plumen looks to be seriously committed to the 3D printed options. For the Kayan lamp shade can now even be ordered through their website, with the actual product being 3D printed in ABS (black and white, or red). The shade’s full dimensions are:220mm x 150mm x 150mm. The shade comes with a Plumen lamp as well, and a cable of 1.20 meters. While relatively costly at €149,95 (or $158), it is nonetheless very cool to have a 3D printed lamp of your own. You can order yours here.

But as this is truly a designer product, it definitely does not look out of place at a designers’ convention.


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