Italian Researchers Develop a Technology to 3D Print Eyeballs by 2027

Italian Researchers Develop a Technology to 3D Print Eyeballs by 2027

An Italian research studio MHOX recently published a study which suggests that the human eyes could be replaced with 3d printed artificial eyeballs by 2027. According to their team of researchers, the artificial eyeballs could surpass the potential of the organs of sight, surpassing the human needs.

The “technology” proposed by the research studio is expected to enhance, heal and correct the vision of those in need, and 3d print fully personalized eyeballs to process and record real time images. The digitally constructed artificial “network of nerves” could easily exceed the full potential of human vision of 20/20.


The technology designed by MHOX is called “EYE” (Enhance Your Eye), and is hoping to provide vision to those suffering from untreatable medical conditions and of course, blindness. This technology could allow patients to receive affordable operations to enhance their vision.

The “EYE” project plans to use a bio-ink that possess the required cells found in the human eyes to construct the 3dprinted eyes.

The “EYE” operation will first start by surgically removing the original pair of eyes. Then, the 3dprinted eyes will be connected to a “deck” inside the head which may allow the eyes to be upgraded.

The researchers at MHOX has come up with multiple models for the project, such as EYE Heal, EYE Enhance and the EYE Advance.


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