New startup Trove offers in-browser customized jewelry design for 3D printing

New startup Trove offers in-browser customized jewelry design for 3D printing

For those who are interested in 3d printing but don’t have access to CAD tools, creating their own custom content for their 3d printer can be a challenge.  While services such as Thingiverse and Shapeways offer pre-made objects, many are left wanting to create their own at some point or another and are simply just lacking the right tools to do so.  

A new company based out of New York City has recognized this and wants to make creating 3D content as easy as possible for a wide audience, and they’re starting with a custom jewelry design platform that they’re calling Trove.  

Founded in 2014 by Brian Park, Andrew Hong and Tim Growney, the company was born out of each of the founders’ previous experiences with 3D printing and where they see the market going.  In developing the business, they realized that the consumer-facing 3d printing resources on the market were aimed towards technical communities made up of professional designers, engineers, makers and others with backgrounds in fabrication.    

“While people are becoming increasingly aware of new digital fabrication technologies, widespread adoption of 3D printing is being hampered by the lack of relevance of the technology to peoples’ everyday lives,” says Trove.  “(We) seek to answer the question of “what now” that people ask after first seeing 3D printing.”

In order to make the user experience as seamless as possible, Trove aims to make the entire 3D printing experience as user-friendly as possible starting with the design through to the product delivery - regardless of any previous 3D experience or ability.  

In addition to being a design-aid tool, the online platform also allows for discovering and sharing of existing designs while also allowing users to tweak them using a collection of design templates and an in-browser software customization tool for sizing and styling.

“Any design created on Trove becomes a part of our social stream, where users can explore and discover designs customized by others on Trove,” added Trove in their press release.  “They can then further customize these designs, allowing products to grow and change over time. Users can also follow each other to keep up-to-date with trending designs and new releases.”

Once a user has finalized their design from within their browser, they can order it in materials ranging from stainless steel to 18K gold and have it delivered to their door.  

Between their combined backgrounds in product management at startups, teaching digital design, software development and interaction design, the team seems well-seasoned for making sure that Trove users get the best possible experience right out of the gate.  Although they have chosen to start with jewelry, the company has plans to expand into a variety of other goods that follow their existing business model.  

“Our goal is to make the design and creation of beautiful things available to anyone.  We believe that diversity in people should be reflected in diversity in design, and that everyone should be able to create unique objects that fit into their lives.”

The team is planning to launch Trove in Summer of 2015 and is currently offering an email sign-up optionfor interested users to stay updated leading up to the launch.


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