Parallel Universes of 3D printing: media trends and reality

Parallel Universes of 3D printing: media trends and reality

Is there a connection between media and 3D printing? Does 3D technology keep up with flattering forecasts that circulate in media? And where should one be looking for inspiration to create new product with the help of 3D printing?

Speaker of 3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg Vasiliy Kiselev - CEO of Top 3D Shop faces such issues every day. His company is at the origin of 3D printing in the Russian market and is one of the largest suppliers of 3D equipment in the CIS, concurrently developing new projects aimed at promoting 3D printing.

In addition, Top 3D Shop is a regular participant of series of conferences 3D Print Expo and thus resides in the center of all discussions and issues being discussed at the events.

Therefore, at the upcoming 3D Print Conference in St. Petersburg Vasiliy Kiselev will deliver a report that is relevant for all participants of three-dimensional printing market. Namely, the speaker will review the specifics of interaction of media and 3D printing.

On one side there is the world of media: fashion, home, car, bio printing. On the other hand there is production design: frames, prototyping, modeling, industrial design, small-lot production, functional models, dentures, jewelry industry.

In his report Vasiliy Kiselev will speak about trends that create media as opposed to the real state of things in 3D industry, will tell how to combine these two fields, and will offer effective recipes for the intersection of the worlds, and at this junction you can find your client.

More info - at 3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg.



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