The world's first Bashkir national 3D printed costume will be shown in St. Petersburg

The world's first Bashkir national 3D printed costume will be shown in St. Petersburg

Undoubtedly, 3D printing and scanning technology has a tremendous influence on modern fashion industry. 3D printing provides opportunities for the realization of creative ambitions of designers without any restrictions.

However, 3D technology creates not only bright futuristic and ethereal images. Three-dimensional printing also helps to preserve traditional elements of clothing helping them to find a new lease of life

The way that 3D printing changes the appearance of national costumes will be demonstrated very soon at 3D Print Conference. St. Petersburg, which will take place in early summer. During the event, visitors will see a unique Bashkir national costume printed with the help of a 3D printer.

The author of this artwork is Ildar Gataullin, a designer from Ufa. He actively studies ethnography and sews clothes, based on historical materials.

According to the author, a 3D printer is a perfect device for creating such products. In addition to printing, you can use a variety of expendable materials, from plastic to precious metals.

The Bashkir national clothing is distinguished by its wealth and luxury. However, embroidery and numerous decorative elements of the various forms and types require diligent, painstaking and prolonged labour. The science and technology era has made it possible to simplify greatly and reduce the cost of this process by 3D printing the necessary elements.

You may see the first Bashkir national 3D printed costume at 3D Print Conference. Saint Petersburg, which will be held on June 5, 2015.

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